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Small Brown Hare. Oak & Lime. Polished.

Approx 4.5" high. £30 + shipping.

Balletic Black Hares. Oak/Silver Steel. French polished.

Aprox 25" high. £950 + shipping.


Balletic Black Hares as above in variable position..

Whales tail splashed with bronze.


In natural oak, the character features of the piece have had the addition of bronze, the ocean represented in marble.

Approx 18" high by 25" wide.

£2000. plus packing/shipment.


"Moon Dance Hare" Limewood.


A variation on the hare and moon this time all carved from limewood. 33" high. £650 plus packing/shipment


"Moon leap hare" Oak.

Made to order. Timber appearance varies. Silver steel or clear Acrylic rod.

Approx 13" high by 10" by 5"  £350 inc shipping in UK plus packing/shipment elsewhere.


"Moon dance hare" Oak.

Beautiful oak, carved and turned into three elements of the sculpture. Each element held by silver steel dowel offers variable position and ease of transportation.

33" high by 3.75" square. French polished.

£650.00. +Packing/shipment


Walnut and oak.

Approx 12.5" high.

French polished.

£150 + Packing/shipment

"Nuthatch".  Sculpted from walnut and higly polished this carvingof a facinating bird pivots on oak base.

5.75" high by 4.75" deep by 3.25" wide.

£130.00. + Packing/shipment

"Running Brown Hare".

Limewood, Oak, silver steel dowel.

Approx, 6.50inches long by 6.25 inches high.

A small dynamic sculpture of a running brown hare set atop a satreamlined base. Run of 20. Natural tint colour and all highly polished. £140.00 + Packing/shipment



Wood carvings of Napoleon.


from JL David painting.

Limewood 40" by 40" by 3.75"



Napoleon detail

"Green Man"

Carved from one pieceof natural oak the sculpture stands nearly 60" inches and is 36" wide and 12" at its deepest.

£2000.00 plus shipping.

"Helios or the head of Apollo"

Sculpted from natural oak. Some 24" high by 12" wide and 14" deep.

£500.00 plus shipping.

On this page you will see wood carvings and wood sculptures for sale, when available, either numbered runs or one off pieces.

All pieces are made from sound materials unless otherwise described ie: natural oak is greeen timber.

Numbered runs, as these are all created from timber and hand made/finished there will be slight differences in grain, colour, size, texture and finish.


All purchases must be made in advance either in cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Please make cheques out to: L Dickenson.

Please forward to the address on Contact page, the payment , description of the piece eg: Title: "Running Brown Hare". How many pieces ie: 1 or 2 and your full name, postal address, delivery address if different, a contact telephone number/s and email if you have it.

Shipping for most small carvings are by post, and included in the price, please allow up to 10 days for delivery, if in stock, faster delivery possible contact me for options. For outside the UK and or advice on shipping larger pieces please phone me on 01258 475343 Customers are of course welcome with prior arrangement to collect their carvings. Thank you.


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